CBD Smoke For Sciatica Pain

Vaping CBD For The First Time
Vaping CBD For The First Time

CBD has become a life force for many; a sigh of relief for many who are trying to stay away from the addictive ‘pain killer’ route. One such issue that is demanding a new wave of popularity for CBD is sciatica. We will be guiding you through what sciatica is and how CBD can act as a helpful remedy.

What Is Sciatica?

Sciatica condition is caused when there is damage to the sciatic nerve; a nerve that runs from the lower back and all the way down to the legs. The damage can occur especially when there is physical trauma and is more commonly seen in the case of professionals that spend a long time sitting. The symptoms of sciatica pain include tingling sensations in the leg and the lower back. This evolves to pain which is excruciating, gets even worsened when moving, coughing, or sneezing.

Ways To Alleviate Sciatica Pain

General health lifestyle changes are key to controlling sciatica pain. You can include CBD use to further accentuate and boost the healing rate. Some of the ways that have shown positive results in curbing sciatica pain include:

  • Stretch your body every other hour.
  • Avoid trying to sit for prolonged periods of time. Simply walk around and move about every other hour.
  • Make use of heat packs to release the tension in the back muscle and lower the constriction on the sciatic nerve.
  • Make sure to try yoga or any other low-impact exercise such as swimming or water aerobics.

How CBD Can Make A Big Change

The CBD health benefits are plentiful and you will find yourself recovering from sciatic pain with this herbal supplement quickly. The use of CBD helps the patient with much better pain management as well. CBD vapes will dull out the localized pain in the back and will also help lockdown down the inflammation. CBD is a strong anti-inflammatory agent and does well in stopping the reddening and swelling that will predominantly be at the lower back and the backside.

Using CBD smoke and vapes will help with boosting mood and invoking positive behavior. The constant pain can lead many patients to depression and anxiety. Smoking CBD is proven to help control anxiety as well. CBD also helps in inducing sleep which goes a long way in helping the body recover.

Apart from CBD vape and smoke, you can also make use of CBD topicals for more localized pain relief.