Comparison Between CBD Dabbing And Vaping

We all know that CBD can be infused in many different modes. It can be consumed orally in the form of pills and other edibles like oils and gummies and can be applied topically also. The studies have proved that inhaling CBD vapors is one of the most effective modes of consumption. CBD dabs and CBD vape products are two of the main CBD products used for infusing CBD through inhalation. Even if the methods of consumption are similar, there are some differences between dabbing and vaping and some of those differences are as follows.

Fuel Used

The basic difference between CBD dabbing and CBD vaping is in the type of CBD used for the process. The form of CBD used for dabbing is collectively known as CBD dabs and it includes many different types of CBD products like crystals, waxes, and shatters. The common feature of all these products is that they are all available in solid form. Sometimes, CBD isolate powder is also used for dabbing CBD.

In the case of CBD vaping, the CBD used is known as vape juice. It is a liquid form of CBD with water or oil as the base. It is available as replaceable cartridges and also in refillable form. Most of the CBD vape juice will be water-based for easy conversion into vapor and also for reducing irritation in the respiratory system.

Tools Used

Both the process of vaping and dabbing requires a tool to convert the CBD into vapor. The common tool used for dabbing is known as the dab rig. It is a device powered by a battery or electricity. It has mainly two chambers, one to heat up the dabs and the other to collect the vapor. This vapor can be inhaled using a mouthpiece attached to the second chamber. Dab rigs that use real fire to heat up the dabs are also available in the market.

The tool used for vaping is known as a vape pen. It is a small device with a rechargeable battery and a heating cylinder. This device will are available in mainly two different varieties, one will enable the user to refill the vape juice and the other will require changing of the cartridge when the juice gets empty. It is more convenient to use vape pens because it is very small and handy compared to dab rigs.

Concentration Of CBD

The type and concentration of CBD used for dabbing and vaping are also different. As mentioned earlier in this article, CBD dabs are in the form of crystals and waxes. This is because they use the purest forms of CBD like CBD distillate and CBD isolate to make dabs. It also makes it highly concentrated. Therefore, if a person is planning to dab CBD, he or she will have to take only a small quantity of these crystals or wax to get the required effect.

In the case of CBD vaping, most of the vape juices are made with low concentrate CBD. The proportion of CBD in vape juices will be also small because it uses many other ingredients like flavoring agents in the making process. The mild concentration of CBD vape juices makes it less potential than dabs hence if someone is planning to use vape products, he or she will have to use larger quantities than CBD dabs.


Both CBD dabs and vape juices are available in different dosages. However, most of the CBD dabs are highly concentrate and pure compared to vape products. Among these two products, using CBD dabs will give more control over the dosage to the user. This is because dabs are in solid form. Hence it is easy to calculate the proportion of CBD present in each gram and the user can easily take the quantity required for their needs.

It is very hard to administer the dosage while using CBD vape products. This is because even if its total quantity and concentration are available, the quantity of CBD in each vape depends on factors like the temperature of the knob and many more. Therefore, it can only be calculated by trial and error method, which is vaping it until the user feels saturated. However, the refillable type of vape pens gives more control over the intake of CBD compared to other types.

Basis Of Difference CBD Dabbing CBD Vaping
Fuel Used CBD Crystals, Wax And Shatter CBD Vape Juice
Tool Used Dab Rig Vape Pen
Concentration Of CBD Highly Concentrated Mild Concentration
Dosage High and Easy To Administer Low And Hard to Administer

From the above discussion, you might have understood some of the differences between dabbing and vaping CBD. Even though both of them are different, they can be used interchangeably by properly calculating the dosage.