All You Need To Know About CBD Wax

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CBD Trial Offer

There is quite a big number of CBD products available in the market and one that is gaining popularity is CBD wax. It is a type of cannabis concentrate, which is more potent than commonly available forms of CBD like CBD oil, tinctures, etc, and the feature invites the interest of many.

What is CBD Wax?

CBD wax is one of the types of cannabis concentrate, which has very high potency owing to its concentrated form. It means that ingesting less volume of CBD wax is enough to deliver high levels of CBD to our body.

Making of CBD Wax

Several extraction processes can be employed to make CBD wax and all of them blends the plant material with a solvent in the so-called closed-loop extraction system. The commonly preferred methods of CBD wax production are:

Butane Hash Oil Extraction

In this extraction method, butane oil, which acts as a solvent is used to separate useful cannabinoids, flavinoids, and terpenes from the plant. The solvent then has to be removed from the final product and for this; the butane is allowed to evaporate.

It is true that BHO extraction is quite popular but it has its downfalls. There is a high risk of an explosion associated with BHO extraction and owing to its toxic nature, even traces of butane remaining in the concentrate can be harmful and has to be removed.

CO2 Extraction

In this method, CO2 in a supercritical state is used to pull out essential plant compounds from hemp. Carbon dioxide is converted to the supercritical state by applying high pressure and heat. More manufacturers prefer CO2 extraction to BHO extraction because the traces of CO2 remaining in the concentrate evaporates easily making people confident about the purity of the concentrate.

What are the Different Types of CBD Wax?

CBD wax is of different types and manufacturers usually add the names of these types onto the product label instead of naming it CBD wax. Let us take a look at the different CBD wax types.

CBD shatter-It looks like broken glass and hence the name CBD shatter. On heating it for consumption, it turns into a thick liquid with a honey-like consistency.

CBD budder-It is a fluffy wax with a buttery consistency.

CBD crumble-The extraction process of CBD crumble is similar to that of CBD budder but it is has a consistency similar to that of feta cheese.

When the effects produced by equal volumes of CBD wax and other products like CBD oil and tinctures are compared, we find that CBD wax produces better effects owing to its higher potency.