Everything You Need To Know About CBD Wax

CBD Topical
CBD Topical
Dabbing CBD Wax
Dabbing CBD Wax

For the past couple of years, CBD has become a household name. The health benefits that CBD offers have made it popular all around the world. CBD is beneficial in one way or another for aging adults, athletes, fitness enthusiasts, ill patients, etc. There are a lot of CBD products available in the market that satisfies many individuals who need the therapeutic benefits of CBD.

Out of the different types of CBD products, CBD wax is gaining huge popularity. CBD wax is popular because of its heightened potency. Because of the high CBD concentrate, CBD wax allows the user to take in high levels of CBD from small dosages. That means you need only less amount of CBD for getting the desired effect.

Different Types Of CBD Wax

There are mainly four types of CBD wax; CBD shatter, CBD budder, CBD crumble and CBD live resin. All of them are different from each other knowing their differences will be beneficial for you when choosing one of consumption.

CBD Shatter: As the name implies, the structure of CBD shatter is like broken glass. The first step of the making of CBD shatter involves the extraction of oil using chemicals or heat. After the oil cools down and hardens, it looks like an amber-hued glass. CBD shatter is usually consumed by dabbing and when it is heated to consume, it turns into a honey-like gooey, thick liquid.

CBD Budder: The making of CBD budder is a complex process. It involves air pressure and purging hemp at a very high temperature. The resulting substance of the process is a fluffy wax that is very similar to butter.

CBD Crumble: CBD budder and CBD crumble is made using a similar extraction process. In the making of CBD crumble, pre-purged CBD oil is utilized that has higher moisture content and viscosity.

CBD Live Resin: For the production of CBD live resin, the hemp should be freeze-dried before the extraction process. The freezing of the hemp helps to preserve the cannabinoids and terpenes in the plant. Among the different types of CBD wax, CBD live resin is the costliest option.

Dabbing Of CBD Wax

The most popular way of consuming CBD wax is dabbing. The two main processes involved in dabbing are the vaporization of CBD wax and the inhalation of that vapor. A dab rig is the most common device that is used for dabbing CBD wax. Add a little bit of CBD wax to the hot nail and the heat will vaporize the wax. Then you can inhale the vapor like a traditional bong. Other devices that are used for dabbing CBD wax are Dab pens and Nectar collectors, or commonly known as Dab straws.