Vaping Vs Dabbing: What Is The Difference And Which Is Better For You?

Benefits Of CBD
Benefits Of CBD
Benefits Of CBD
Benefits Of CBD

Methods like vaping and dabbing are the favorite choice of CBD users who wish to get fast relief from their symptoms. Both of these methods involve the inhalation of CBD vapors, but the products and methods used for creating vapors vary greatly between these methods. We list some of the important details you want to know about these methods for choosing the right one for you to derive the benefits of CBD.

Vaping CBD

Vaping is a common method used for getting fast and intense results from CBD. This method involves the use of a vape pen that can be used for producing vapors from CBD oil. High bioavailability is a significant benefit that can be derived from vaping CBD. Here, the plant chemicals present in the CBD oil will directly reach your bloodstream through your lungs without any interference. This can be useful for delivering high amounts of CBD into the bloodstream thereby increasing the intensity of the results you get.

Products Used For Vaping

You will need an apparatus called a vape pen for vaping CBD. This small and simple apparatus can heat CBD oil and produce CBD vapors that you can inhale through the mouthpiece attached to this device. Specifically designed CBD vape oil will be used inside the vape pens to create vapors. Your normal CBD oil will have a thicker consistency, hence, it will burn when heated. So it has to be diluted for use inside vape pens. CBD vape oil contains thinners that are used for reducing the consistency of the oil.


This method is also similar to vaping, as it involves the production of CBD vapors. It can also provide high bioavailability along with quick and intense effects. The results offered by dabbing can be more intense than vaping, as the concentrations of CBD will be higher in the products used for it.

Products Used For Dabbing CBD

Instead of vape pens, a dab rig is used for producing vapors in this method. Also, CBD concentrates are used in the rig for producing vapors. These products will be mostly in the form of solids and will have high concentrations of CBD when compared to other products.

Different forms of CBD concentrates are available in the market including shatter, budder, crystals, crumble, etc. The dab rig is big which can be difficult for you to carry around when compared to vape pens which are very small and fit in your pocket or purse.