All You Should Know About CBD Shatter

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People who prefer CBD products that are free of any hemp plant compound other than CBD often go for different forms of CBD concentrates. The exclusive content of CBD concentrate is cannabidiol that leaves no room for worries of THC content that could end you up in a drug test failure. CBD shatter is a form of CBD concentrate used for dabbing and we discuss CBD shatter and dabbing in detail in this session.

CBD Shatter: What Is It

It is a type of CBD isolate, which is one of the three spectrum options in CBD. Full-spectrum CBD contains all essential phytochemicals in the hemp plant while broad-spectrum CBD contains all hemp phytochemicals except THC, and these are the two spectrum options in CBD other than CBD isolate.

CBD shatter has a hard but brittle texture and it breaks easily while handling. The name CBD shatter is indicative of the peculiar texture it has and in its solid-state, CBD shatter is a look-alike of CBD wax but we can tell the difference as we handle it.

To make CBD shatter, hemp extract is repeatedly filtered until the point where CBD is the exclusive content of the filtrate, and it is at this stage that the manufacturers set the isolate. Keeping the isolate undistributed and away from light and heat changes enables its setting to shatter.

CBD Shatter Usage Guide

People often mistakenly use CBD shatter for cooking by lacking the realization that melted shatter damages cannabinoids and reduces the efficiency of the shatter. If you plan to cook with CBD isolates, you could better use crystals or powder.

Dabbing is arguably the best way of taking CBD shatter, and dabbing belongs to the category of CBD smoking as it involves vaporization. To start off with dabbing, you need to get dabbing equipment first and a dab rig suits the purpose best. Heat the nail of the dab rig suitably before adding a small amount of CBD shatter onto the nail and inhale the vapors produced.

CBD shatter has about 90% potency and you need to dab only a small amount to get the optimum benefits.  CBD shatter usually comes in a 1g tub and apart from dab rigs, dabbing instruments like vape pens and vaporizers can be used.

While you dab in CBD shatters the vapors directly enter your lungs enabling CBD to interact with the endocannabinoid system immediately and this is the primary reason for the effectiveness of dabbing CBD shatter.