Guide To Attaining The Perfect CBD Dabbing Temperature

Perfect CBD Dabbing Temperature
Perfect CBD Dabbing Temperature
Perfect CBD Dabbing Temperature
Perfect CBD Dabbing Temperature

If you were to evaluate the bioavailability values of various CBD intake methods, dabbing would make it to the list of intake methods that offer high bioavailability. First-time users are not going to find dabbing to be that easy but the appreciable benefits of dabbing make it worth trying. Attaining the right dabbing temperature is the crucial step in ensuring the best dabbing experience.

How To Attain The Right CBD Dabbing Temperature?

Here are some ways to ensure that the dabbing temperature is perfect.

Acknowledge The Roles Played By All Dabbing Components

The components, nail, dab rig, and heating element are crucial in determining the rate by which the nail heats up and cools down. Blowtorches that come in different shapes and sizes are perfect for heating the nails to the right temperature. You may go from a small and compact one to a desktop torch that has a longer life. The blowtorch helps you heat the nail manually. The rate at which nails heat up varies according to the type of blowtorch that you use.

The time required to heat the nail can be determined by the following factors.

  • The material used to make the nail (quartz, titanium, or ceramic)
  • Size of nail
  • Quality of the nail
  • Consistency of the concentrate
  • The thickness of the nail

Take the above factors into account when deciding the time for which you are heating the nail.

Know The Exact Time That Heating Up And Cooling Down Processes Take

The length of time for which you should heat a nail before you start dabbing depends on various factors that include the dabbing temperature of your choice. 750°F temperature corresponds to high-temperature dabs. If the nail is glowing red, then you can tell it is too hot. Temperatures between 500°F and 650°F correspond to low-temperature dabs.  Each range of temperature has its advantages and disadvantages.

Try An eNail For Total Temperature Control

Using an eNail makes dabbing no longer guesswork. Just plug the eNail into the power socket, set the desired temperature, and wait till it attains the predetermined temperature. This will not take more than a few seconds. The temperature of the eNail remains constant until you switch it off or unplug it from the power supply. It can offer the users a more relaxed dabbing experience without them having to use the blowtorch throughout the process. eNail allows the users to experiment with different temperatures to find out what is ideal for different types of concentrates, all the while helping them discover their own personal preferences.

How Do You Measure The Temperature Of Your Nail?

Temperature control is crucial in getting the perfect dabbing experience.  Here are some ways to gauge your dabbing temperature.

Temperature Gun

An infrared temperature gun significantly improves the accuracy of your temperature readings. Using a temperature gun, you can test the heat of a surface while standing at a safe distance to avoid the possible risk of burns. It just takes the simple pull of a trigger to show the temperature reading on the digital display. You can buy thermometer guns having a different price, speed, size, temperature ranges, and accuracy.

Wrist Check

On gaining some experience in dabbing, you will be able to handle the dab rig, as well as heating and cooling times better. Experienced dabbers can determine the ideal temperature range by using their wrist. Heat the nail for about 20 seconds and get your dabber cap ready while the nail cools. Hold your wrist slightly above the nail to test the nail temperature. Take care not to touch the nail directly. If you do not notice any heat sting, it means the nail has the right temperature.


If you want to estimate the rate by which heat is lost in your nail or banger, you can use an analog or digital timer. A watch, kitchen timer, or smartphone can be used to follow the timing recommendations in the dabbing guide perfectly. For low-temperature dabs, you have to heat the nail for 15 to 40 seconds and let it cool for 30 to 40 seconds.


A terpometer is an electronic device that displays the real-time temperature of the nail or banger. The readings will be shown on an LCD display. The screen shining green indicates that it is time to drop a dab in the heated nail.


eNail is, without doubt, the most effective way to dab CBD. It is known for its high degree of safety. By means of its heating coil and digital control box, eNail allows the users to precisely control the nail’s temperature. The eNail is connected to the digital controller by means of the coil. The digital controller powers the unit and sets the ideal temperature. Users get the exact temperature reading from the eNail’s digital display.

Your dabbing experience is going to be less satisfactory if the dabbing temperature is different from the ideal temperature. Following the guidelines given in the article will give you the dabbing experience you will love.