How To Dab Like A Pro?

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Vaping CBD
Dabbing CBD
Dabbing CBD

Before some years dabbing was almost a mystery to many cannabis users. They had little idea about how the whole method works and its effectiveness. However, dabbing has gained immense popularity over the past couple of years as many people familiarized themselves with the idea and began loving it.

When you dab CBD, you would require suitable dabbing equipment that is heated to the right temperature to vaporize the CBD concentrate that you add to it. CBD shatter and CBD wax are the common CBD concentrate that is used in dabbing CBD.

Here are some tips that will help you dab CBD like a pro

Set The Dabbing Temperatures To Low

You might have heard some people complaining about their dabbing experience. They might complain about the unpleasant taste, nauseating effect, and chest aches. All of these negative experiences could be due to the high temperatures that are involved in dabbing.

When the dabbing nail is very hot, the concentrate starts to combust, thereby causing an unpleasant dabbing experience. Higher temperatures used in dabbing lead to the elimination of terpenes and some organic compounds that contribute to the aroma and unique flavor associated with dabbing the CBD concentrates.

Keep Your Dab Rig Clean

Dab rigs have to be kept clean in order to get the most potent hits. The more frequently you clean them, the easier they are to clean. On comparing with water pipes, you will find it easier to clean dab rigs.

Hot water alone would be required to clean mild residues in the CBD dabbing equipment.

Use Gloves

When you touch concentrates by your hand to transfer them into the dabbing equipment, bacteria in your skin may get transferred to the concentrate. Wearing gloves during the dabbing routine will prevent the CBD concentrate from being contaminated.

In fact, there are specialized tools designed to avoid touching the concentrate with bare hands.

Do Not Take Huge Dabs

Dabbing has a stronger effect on the users, as it is a highly bioavailable intake method. Concentrates are highly potent when compared to their source. Hence taking huge dabs can lead to overdoing that is going to give you an altogether unpleasant experience.

Take smaller dabs and always exert control over the dosage to ensure that you get a positive dabbing experience.

To get the best benefits out of dabbing CBD, make sure you are following the dabbing procedure systematically.