What Are The Tools Used For Dabbing CBD Concentrate?

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Dabbing is a popular method to consume CBD concentrate and it was made popular by cannabis consumers. The reason for the rise in its usage among experienced cannabidiol users is due to the quick onset time and the higher effectiveness due to increased CBD bioavailability. Moreover, the experience of dabbing is very much dependent on the tools used for it and there are a variety of specialized tools, as well as components available for dabbing. So, the purpose of this article is to give you an extensive understanding of some of the tools needed for CBD dabbing so that you can enjoy the maximum effects.


The most important part of any dabbing experience is the nails that are used along with the rig. It is basically a shallow dish that slides into the dab rig. You apply the heat, as well as drop or place the CBD concentrate onto it to be vaporized. There are mainly two types of nails, they are nails with dome and domeless nails.

  • Nails With Dome: As the name indicates, there is a dome on the nail and it slides over the shallow dish. This additional component helps to evenly distribute heat and retains cannabidiol (CBD) So, when you are using a dab rig that has a nail with a dome, you need to retain heat at the desired temperature, slide the dome on top of the rig, drop the cannabidiol concentrate and take a drag of the CBD vapors.
  • Domeless Nails: It is obvious from the name that these nails don’t have a dome, the dish is larger with a hole in the center for the cannabidiol (CBD) vapors to move into the dab rig.

Nails of dab rigs can also be classified according to the metal used to make them. They are

  • Titanium Nails: Because these nails are made from titanium metal they require less heating and it retains the heat very well. Also, it is very durable and hard to break, but extended heating results in the accumulation of titanium oxide and this reduces its performance. You must also ensure to buy nails made from medical grade 2 titanium.
  • Ceramic Nails: These types of nails take the longest time to heat up, but they retain the temperature longer than titanium nails. However, their biggest disadvantage is that they tend to break easily from cracks due to the material’s inherent fragility.
  • Quartz Nails: These nails heat up and also lose heat quickly; they are also known as quartz bangers. So, it is better to use them with carb caps and they are safe to use like ceramic nails as they don’t leach harmful contaminants.
  • Glass Nails: Glass nails are the most affordable one of the lot, but they are not durable like others and can crack or shatter at high temperatures. They are easy to use and retain heat very well, but not an ideal choice if you dab CBD concentrate very often.


Most dab rigs have a percolator, a device that enhances the performance of the water pipe by creating lots of bubbles, and this action results in water filtration. These devices are also known as “perc”. Listed below are the different types of percolators available in the market.

  • Disk Percs: This includes any type of disk-shaped percolator that creates bubbles through a network of openings or slits. Also, they are compact in size and you can stack multiple disk percs in a single dab rig.
  • Tree Percs: This type of percolator features multiple arms that have small holes or slits in them to create bubbles. This results in better filtration because of the huge amounts of bubbles from the separate arms.
  • Shower Head Percs: These are submerged in the water chamber and are placed at the bottom of the dab rig. It is designed like a ring with numerous holes, similar to a showerhead, and creates water bubbles when cannabidiol (CBD) vapors pass through them.
  • Honeycomb Percs: As the name says, the holes in these percolators are cut in the shape of honeycombs and this results in producing more bubbles than disk percs. So, it gives better filtration than standard disk-shaped percolators.
  • Frit Disk Percs: These are made by bonding glass particles in the form of a disc and this results in the formation of a number of holes throughout the structure. As a result, it produces more bubbles than any other type of percolator and thereby offers better filtration.

Heat Source

You can heat the nail of the dab rig electrically or manually using a blowtorch and this depends on the convenience of the user. It is better to use a butane blowtorch than a propane blowtorch due to the difference in the quality of the gas. Also, propane might overheat the nail and potentially damage it. There are also e-nail vaporizers available that can heat the nails electronically. The advantage of using an e-nail vaporizer is that it enables you to heat the nail to a precise temperature.