Items To Boost The Primary Effects Of Cannabidiol

CBD Therapeutic Effects
CBD Therapeutic Effects
CBD Therapeutic Effects
CBD Therapeutic Effects

Numerous individuals use cannabidiol for various health issues. Cannabidiol is not addictive, so the users will not overdose on it. Anyhow, many continue to have lower dosages of it for the fear of side effects.

Higher dosages of cannabidiol can produce adverse effects such as dry mouth, dizziness, drowsiness, and so forth. So, reducing the quantity of cannabidiol per serving is one of the ways to avoid experiencing those side effects. The aforesaid move results in milder CBD advantages, but there are items you can use to boost the compound’s primary effects. Read on to know which are those substances that can enhance the CBD therapeutic effects.

Terpenes And Other Phytocannabinoids

Industrial hemp itself contains the best CBD effect-enhancing substances, also called potentiators. Numerous studies claim that cannabidiol would work best if it is used together with the other hemp compounds.

Using it alongside the other components produces the so-called ‘entourage effect’. This is just a fancy phrase that refers to the fact that cannabidiol is more potent when consumed with the other phytocannabinoids as well as terpenes.

Lavender Tea

Are you looking to boost the soothing effects of cannabidiol? If yes, know that this is another good CBD potentiator. Lavender has linalool, which is a terpene present in industrial hemp, too. Consuming lavender tea together with a dosage of cannabidiol, will allow bumping up its terpene profile as well as elevating the therapeutic effects.


As per hemp farmers, you can notice traces of lemon when smelling a raw hemp bud. That is since the plant flower contains limonene, a different terpene. Limonene-rich food can aid in heightening the beneficial effects of cannabidiol oil.

Almost every citrus fruit will do the trick, but some experts do not recommend using grapefruit in the form of a CBD potentiator. This is because grapefruit can react adversely with many drugs and other substances, as well as interact with cannabidiol. That can amount to drug-drug interaction, which possibly would be unhealthy.

Is It Unsafe To Use CBD Potentiators?

Some often feel that hemp CBD potentiators are potentially unsafe because they exaggerate hemp’s effects. Anyhow, the point of consuming these products will work to lessen the risks related to it. Some are more CBD sensitive, so they experience pronounced negative effects even despite consuming the right dosage.

With a potentiator, you can lessen the dose in a way that does not reduce CBD health benefits.