All That You Should Know About CBD Wax


Products that answer the health concerns of people are more of a need than merely a want, and CBD is the latest addition to the list of therapeutic products available in the market. The wide spectrum of CBD products available in the market delivers CBD benefits to the users in different methods of intake.

Dabbing is a popular method of CBD intake as it delivers the benefits of the CBD within a few minutes thereby offering fast relief.


CBD wax is a type of CBD concentrate that is increasingly becoming popular due to its high cannabinoid content. Its highly concentrated form means that you would only need to take in small volumes of CBD wax in the whole process of CBD use.

Intake Methods Of CBD Wax

There are a few different methods of consuming CBD and dabbing is the most popular one. Here is a list of different intake methods of CBD.


A dab rig is common equipment used for dabbing and one of its major components is the nail on which the wax is placed and vaporized by heating. The nail is usually made of ceramic, titanium, or glass and a blowtorch is used to heat it up.

After the nail is heated to the right temperature, add the right dose of CBD wax onto the hot surface and inhale the vapors produced.


Vaporizers and vape pens are common equipment used to vaporize CBD concentrates like CBD wax. Ensuring the quality of vaporizers is important to ensure you get the best CBD experience because low-quality vaporizers cannot vaporize the CBD wax completely. It is advisable to choose a vaporizer with a ceramic heating chamber or quartz crystal.

Types Of CBD Wax

Different types of CBD wax include:

CBD Shatter         

As indicated by the name, shatter looks like shattered glass. It is extracted using chemicals or heat and takes on a distinct form as it cools and hardens. When CBD shatter is heated for consumption, it turns into a thick liquid that resembles honey in appearance and consistency.

CBD Budder

Treating hemp at high temperatures and using air pressure result in the formation of a fluffy wax that resembles butter inconsistency, and hence the name.

CBD Crumble

The extraction process of CBD crumble is similar to that of CBD budder but it makes use of pre-purged CBD oil that has high moisture content and viscosity.

CBD Live Resin

To produce CBD live resin, hemp is frozen before the extraction process actually begins. The initial freezing process helps preserve terpenes and cannabinoids in the plant contributing to the rich ingredient profile that explains why it is costlier than other types of CBD wax.

CBD wax is an excellent option for people who look for highly concentrated forms of CBD that produce fast effects.