Water-Soluble CBD

Water Soluble CBD
Water Soluble CBD
Water Soluble CBD
Water Soluble CBD

CBD, because of its innate nature as well as the research that has gone behind it, allows versatility to a point where you can pretty much infuse the beneficial aspects of the herbal medication in just about any organic substance possible. This is the reason why the CBD has been launched to a stature such as the one we are familiar with today; so many choices and so little time!

The process that goes behind making these different classes of CBD products is not just crushing leaves and ending up with the final product. The way in which the CBD gets to your system is equally important, and the traditional method may be missing out on a few things. Read on…

The Conventional Method

Most of the CBD products out in the market are suspended in a common type of oil. It is by far a very easy way to infuse the product, however, it misses something quite crucial. The body has to breakdown the oil and fat-soluble components around the CBD, before actually reaching the CBD goodies themselves. Since the fat-soluble particles are much larger than the CBD oil molecules, it is the CBD oil that reaches the bloodstream last.

The issue this creates is that the time taken for you to get the benefits and begin experiencing them is elongated needlessly. This is true for edible forms of CBD products and CBD pills/ capsules. Thankfully, there is now a breakthrough that will help us jump across this problem at hand.

The Awaited Solution

A solution is that of a water-soluble nature; by using a nano-emulsion process. We can make use of a much smaller nanoparticle of the CBD to get them directly into the body. Water-soluble ingredients find their way directly into the bloodstream via the absorption at the small intestine. This is an alternative to working through the lymph system, which supercharges the effects you feel from the wellness product.

Learning From Nature Around Us

Many of the vitamins are water-soluble, such as in the case of citrus fruits, which contain water-soluble vitamin C. Water-soluble vitamins such as B1, B2, and B3 are used commonly to fortify foods. To set the deal, water-soluble foods get absorbed in the bloodstream quicker, and at the same time, they are released from the body rather than getting stored up over a long time, like fat cells.

Water-soluble CBD is the way ahead to get even more out of your CBD therapy!