Effective Ways To Mask The Taste Of CBD Oil

Mask The Taste Of CBD
Mask The Taste Of CBD
Mask The Taste Of CBD
Mask The Taste Of CBD

One of the common complaints about cannabidiol (CBD) that people often make is regarding its bitter taste. A lot of people find it difficult and inconvenient to tolerate its earthy taste. You will have to endure this taste when you are taking it sublingually or ingest it directly through your mouth.

But now it is possible for you to effectively mask this taste with the help of the following tips. If you are looking for effective ways to mask the taste of CBD, they can be beneficial for you.

Why CBD Oil Tastes Bad?

Along with cannabidiol, your CBD oil will have a large number of other compounds too. It has a lot of cannabinoids like THC, CBN, CBG, CBC, etc. Additionally, it is rich in a lot of other plant compounds too. One of the important compounds among them is terpenes. These compounds are well-known for the large number of medicinal properties they exhibit. Different types of terpenes are present in various plants. They possess a wide range of medicinal properties. Some terpenes are even used in Ayurvedic medicines to treat different health conditions.

However, their taste is not as good as the health benefits they provide. Most of these terpenes have a bitter taste that can be uncomfortable for you to bear. The terpenes present in the cannabis plant have an earthy and bitter taste. Hence, it can be difficult for you to endure its flavor, as they are responsible for giving that particular taste to your CBD oil.

The presence of terpenes is what gives CBD oil its earthy taste. Additionally, some methods used for producing CBD will also extract chlorophyll along with other compounds. Chlorophyll can also give a bitter taste to CBD oil.

When taking CBD oil, most people find it inconvenient to endure its taste. But we list some best tips that can be useful for you to mask this uncomfortable taste of CBD oil effectively.

Keep A Drink On Hand

Keep your favorite drink on hand to wash away the taste of CBD oil. Even water can be sufficient for this purpose. But if the drink is sweet or has some particular flavor, then it can be useful for you to easily mask the taste of CBD oil. You may choose a variety of options including tea, coffee, citrus juice, lemon water, etc. for masking the taste of this oil.

Take Your CBD Oil With Honey

This is one of the best ways to take CBD without enduring its bitter taste. Being a natural sweetener, honey makes a great combination to take with your CBD oil. When you consume CBD oil sublingually or ingest it orally, pour some drops of honey along with it. The sweet taste of honey will be beneficial for you to mask the taste of CBD oil.

Mix It In Your Foods

You can mix CBD oil in your snacks or other foods to derive the benefits of CBD without having to endure its bitter taste. If you add it to some fatty foods, it can provide you extra benefits, as fat is found to increase the absorption of CBD. Hence, if you are looking for enhanced benefits, this is a great option.

Mix CBD Oil In Your Smoothies

Adding CBD oil to your smoothies, shakes, juices, etc. can help to make its consumption easier. The flavor of other ingredients present in them will easily cover the taste of CBD oil. So if you love smoothies or shakes, then it is a great combination to take CBD oil.

Add It In Your Tea Or Coffee

They create a perfect combination for your CBD oil. Mixing CBD in coffee and tea can make it easy for you to consume it. In fact, adding CBD to your coffee can help to counteract some of the negative effects created by caffeine including the jittery feeling, inability to fall asleep, etc. People suggest that mixing CBD oil with coffee can be useful for inducing relaxing effects. Hence, it becomes a great option for you to mask the taste of CBD oil.

Try CBD Gummies Or Capsules

CBD gummies are a great option for you to take CBD, as they come in different flavors that can help to cover the taste of CBD oil. Apart from gummies, you can also get various other CBD edibles like candies, lollipops, brownies, chocolates, etc.

However, if you do want to avoid the added sugar and flavors that come with them, it is better to choose CBD capsules or pills. They can also provide effective results than CBD edibles, as there are no added ingredients in them.

If you are uncomfortable with the taste of CBD oil, then the above tips can be helpful for you. They will help to mask the earthy flavor associated with this oil. So it will be possible for you to get the benefits of CBD, without having to endure the bad taste associated with CBD oil.