Five Ways To Take Cannabis Without Having To Smoke It

Cannabidiol CBD
Cannabidiol CBD
Methods For Taking CBD
Methods For Taking CBD

The cannabis industry is now flourishing, as the use of CBD was approved by the U.S government. You will now be able to find a large number of cannabis products in the market, including CBD.

People use a wide variety of methods to take cannabis products, especially CBD. In earlier days, people mostly used smoking to consume cannabis. However, with the development of the cannabis industry, a wide range of products began to appear in the market. This made it possible for the users to take these products in a way that is convenient for them.

You can choose a variety of methods for taking CBD and other cannabis products. Some of the popular options available are listed below:


You can use this method for deriving the benefits of CBD to their fullest. It involves the use of vape oils for producing vapors that can be inhaled directly. This will deliver the cannabinoids present in the vape products directly to the bloodstream thereby providing efficient results.

The vape oil will be heated for producing vapors using a vape pen. This will allow you to effectively get the benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids. This method is preferred by many people to have quick and effective results.


This is one of the convenient methods for taking cannabis products. They are now available in the form of edibles including chocolates, candies, brownies, gummies, lollipops, etc.

You can eat them whenever you want for getting the benefits of CBD. However, they provide results slowly, as they will have to undergo digestion and metabolism. But the positive thing is that you will get long-lasting effects by using these products.

Cannabis products are also available in the form of pills and capsules too. They can give you better results than other edibles, as they do not contain other ingredients.

Ingestible Oils

You can get oils produced from cannabis extracts which you can ingest directly. They normally have high concentrations and are capable of providing efficient results.


Tinctures are made by incorporating cannabis extracts in an alcoholic base which can be useful for facilitating better absorption of CBD. They come in a variety of flavors and potencies that you can choose based on your requirements.


A lot of people are hesitant to take cannabis products internally because of the fear of intoxicating effects. But cannabis topicals are now becoming a great aid for them, as these products can be applied externally for deriving the benefits of cannabinoids without any intoxicating effects.

If you do not want to smoke cannabis, then the above methods will be a great choice for you. They can provide you effective results without having to endure the harsh smoke of CBD cigarettes.